These are the frames from my comic Tiikal. Illustrated with ink and watercolor. 
"To the merchants and venture capitalists of Europe in the late 15th century, the Americas were viewed as a discovery. With complete disregard for the native population, the New World represented a bicontinental buffet of natural resources ripe for the taking. Yet for more than 10,000 years before Columbus or Cortés set their sights on the supposedly Virgin territory, the lands were home to complex and lasting civilizations. Who were these first Americans?
Tikal is a 4-part series from writer/illustrator duo Oaxaca and Rafael Delagarza that aims to unravel some of that mystery. The anthology takes its name from an ancient Mayan settlement buried in the rainforest of present day Guatemala. The pre-historic city, posthumously named Tikal by Anglo-academics nearly two millennia after its inception, is emblematic of the problems faced when trying to parse the details of an indigenous past through 500 years of colonial debris. As a book, Tikal rises to the challenge and manages to subvert this whitewashed narrative by combining ancient aesthetics and iconography with folk histories and Delagarza’s creepy-yet-beautiful ink and watercolor. The result is a visually striking reimagination of native creation stories that offer a speculative glimpses into the collective consciousness of America’s ancestral past."
-Kyle Destefano
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